Solar System Art

This project consists of several 3D objects inside a large sphere that is physically over 32″. Each moon has detailed texture maps including cloud layers and atmosphere.

Camera 14 – Dark side of Alsima, Epsilon Eridani gas giant, and bright Nilak
Camera 7
Camera 2 – Nilak
Camera 9 – Approaching Nilak
Camera 27
Camera 19 – Nilak emerging from an ice age
Nilak first light
Camera 3 – Dark side of Alsima
Camera 18 – Craft, Alsima and Nilak
Camera 0
The translucent pyramid opens like a flower and the sphere ‘craft’ inside rotates slowly and pulses with light.
Camera 21 – Through pyramid toward the sun

When this project was first done in TrueSpace in 1997 it was to be a 107 second video of the sphere flying to both moons complete with a musical score. However the rendering then would have taken about 11 months of 100% compute time. So the complete render was not created.
Unfortunately TrueSpace died when Microsoft bought the company. This project may get recreated some day using new tech, maybe Blender.

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