Corionis ELS : Entertainment Library Synchronizer V4

Have been working on ELS 4.0 since September 2021. Version 4 is a major leap that includes a purpose-built desktop application, the ELS Navigator, on top of the existing ELS back-up tool along with many new capabilities such as tools and job automation.

If you create for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, your Mom ‘n Dad – managing your work and backing it up is important. ELS is a title- and library-oriented tool with both desktop and command line interfaces and a variety of powerful capabilities.

ELS was originally built to back-up home media systems that can span multiple storage devices. The new ELS Navigator desktop application in 4.0 expands the scope of possibilities to anyone handling lots of files organized into libraries and titles – similar to movies, TV shows with seasons, artists and albums, projects and the video, audio, and textual pieces, or game development and the tons of media and individual graphical and audio components.

ELS is a cross-platform application that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. There are options for local operations with all storage devices connected to one system, or remote using two systems running ELS over a LAN or the Internet. It’s all built-in, and it’s free.

ELS 4.0 is a work in-progress. See, or go to user-oriented site for downloads and information.

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