Setgo UtilityCorionis “setgo” is a UNIX/Linux command-line utility to quickly change the current directory using a short easy-to-remember name.

UNIX and Linux computers have a large number of sometimes deeply nested directories. However most users and administrators usually go to just a few directories on a regular basis. The setgo utility makes navigating directories at the command-line far easier and faster. And setgo is especially useful for remembering rarely-used directory locations by associating them with a shorter name.

For example:

setgo work

would set the ‘go’ command named ‘-work’ to the current directory, and


would change the current directory to the location defined for the -work ‘go’ command.

The permanent page: Setgo Utility for UNIX/Linux. See that page for more information and to download the script.

This version is also available on our Setgo-Linux GitHub project.

Or go to the developer GitHub project.

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